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Dealing With Unemployment and Depression


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Unemployment can lead to depression. Being broke is not funny in this time and age where one cannot afford the kind of lifestyle one desires  and also become  a burden to people around . Without a regular source of income or a way to spend your time, you may start to feel anxious and adrift.

Today, i will share some practical ways to deal with unemployment and depression.

  1. Being Unemployed is not permanent : Your current situation is just temporal, always remember that behind every dark cloud comes a silver lining. Once you set your mind that you wont be unemployed for too long, that mindset will help you fight against  depression.
  2. Have a plan : If you are really determined to get a job, have a plan on how to go about it. Do you have a bachelor’s degree? search for vacancies around you. submits resumes daily and always pray for a good job.
  3. Use social media to your advantage : follow social media accounts that post job vacancies and turn on notifications. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter are good source for your job search.
  4. Contact your Network: Don’t be shy to ask your relatives  and friends for vacancy in their workplace. you might never know where opportunities can come from.
  5. Learn a skill: No knowledge is a waste and also, knowledge is money. people will pay you for what you know how to do. Turn your skill into a profitable source of  income.
  6. Freelancing : with the rate of unemployment in the country, freelancing has become a high demand, people are willing to pay for part-time services instead of full paid employment. in that case sign up for some digital market place and keep exploring your options.
  7. Get your hands dirty: Instead of waiting for a white collar job with some handsome paycheck, why not try random services like ushering jobs, cleaning, baby sitting or creche, sell food at DLI campuses ,get involved in charity, do internship and the list is endless, until you land your dream job. Remember an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.
  8. Don’t Give Up: Always have it in mind that there’s a job for you. it doesn’t matter how long it that takes . As long as you are determined, hardworking and positive. You will definitely leave the unemployed status.

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