• 20/10/2021

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About Adamas Magazine

Adamas Information

Adamas Magazine is a motivational magazine that portrays everything about the ‘Redefined Woman’ who has gone through life pressures and is now refined. Our mission is to encourage women to become the best versions of themselves through our daily write ups.

We publish insightful and relatable articles that touch all facets of women's lives. You will agree with us that a woman’s life is all-encompassing and there’s a need to keep getting better. Our articles are about relationships, career, healthy living, beauty, popular culture and disturbing issues about women around the globe. We also feature real-life stories of women who want to inspire other women with their experiences. We can achieve all these one day at a time.

The Adamas Journey

Looking for a perfect name to describe our mission and objectives, Adamas came to mind, which is a Greek word for “DIAMOND”. Diamond is a reflection of the beauty and sparkle that defines a woman, as well as the pressure those women go through before they become celebrated. The pressures are innumerable from peer pressure, societal pressure, family, life, career and so much more.

In spite of these pressures, the Adamas woman is unconquerable, she comes out looking all radiant, squashing her goals and reaching greater heights. Every woman has a story and she is on a journey of becoming the very best that she can be.

The Redefined Woman

This is a woman with a new narrative, a new generation of the unconquerable woman. Although she has been through life patches and conquered all the challenges life throws at her. She is growing every day to redefine herself and make her world a better place. She is not defined by her mistakes and past rather, she is dallying redefining her life and fulfilling purpose. That woman is YOU!

We are delighted to have you visit our website; we look forward to growing with all of you and engage in conversations on what it means to be the “REDEFINED WOMAN” in the 21st century.

Meet The Team

Ada Augustine

Ada Augustine

CEO, Chief Editor