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You are unique


Has anyone ever told you that you are unique? Permit me to remind you again.

Sometimes in our lives, we wish that we could be like someone else.   We admire their looks, status or personality.   It is okay to admire people, I do that as well but we need to set clear boundaries and have a mental note that we are all unique and we can never be like the other person. If not we can end up with low self-esteem.


Have you ever thought of yourself as special? Do you believe you are unique? No other person was created the same way as you… even identical twins have traits that make them different.

Out of the billion sperms that were released during your creation, yours made it to your mother’s egg first…don’t you see how special you are, and you are not here by happenstance.


The razor blade is sharp but can’t cut a log, and the axe is also sharp but can’t shave the hair…So every human being is important according to his own unique purpose.

Look into the mirror…..that’s your competition right there. Yes, you!

Don’t spend your life wishing you where someone else but looks within yourself, find your strengths, what makes you stand out, focus and build yourself to become the best version of you because you have what the world needs.

You are exclusive, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are rare, you are matchless, you are incomparable…YOU ARE UNIQUE!


The world is waiting for you.

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