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Who do you share your visions with?


Visions are God’s gift to mankind. Visions propel you to work hard and become successful. Visions lives in your heart and it won’t leave until it materializes. It is your brainchild and your passion, and as an entrepreneur, there is a sacred bond between you and your vision. But it is important to remember that your vision and investment will only carry the organization so far.

For a startup or an endeavor to last, there must be shared vision across a team that will sustain beyond the founder. But you cannot share you visions with just anybody. Finding the right partner to share this vison with is not easy, and it is often compared to finding a spouse. It could take weeks or even years in some cases. You have to be very careful and selective of the people you share them with.


However, there are certain things potential partners need to consider and agree on should they decide to join hands.

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