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Simple Way To Prepare Gizzard And Plantain (Gizdodo)



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Plantain popularly known as dodo is an average Nigerian’s favourite food. No matter how it is prepared, most Nigerians will eat this healthy food without giving it a thought. Even the most sought after Nigerian Jollof rice is bae with the dodo.

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• Gizzard
• Plantain (dodo)
• Red Bell Pepper
• Chili pepper
• Green Pepper (half)
• Seasoning
• Red or Vegetable Oil


  • Dice your plantain and put in a bowl
    • Put your gizzard in a pot, add some of your seasonings and leave to boil for 25 to 30 mins (depending on the quantity)
    • Pour the stock into another bowl and set aside
    • Fry the plantain until golden brown
    • Fry the gizzard under medium heat for four to six minutes
    • Put the plantain oil on medium heat and pour the onion and pepper into the oil
    • After about 2 minutes or less, add your seasoning
    • Pour your gizzard and stir
    • Add your plantain and stir again allowing it to mix properly
    • Bring down

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Food is ready! yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!


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