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Important Travel Tips for Your Christmas Holiday


Christmas is almost here! sure some of you are  planning a vacation.

Travelling is fun but sometimes, it can be overwhelming especially when planning a trip. Due to our busy schedules, one might need a reminder to take note of important things needed. Some travel mishap can be avoided if we plan our travel ahead of time.

Below are some travel tips that can help you have a safe, stress-free, affordable and memorable travel…


  1. Make a List

It is always advisable to make a list of items you are travelling with one week before your trip.


  1. Good Camera

Ensure that you have a good camera (phone) to take lovely pictures and leave with beautiful memories.


  1. Learn basic language

If you are travelling to a new country that speaks a different language from yours, it is advisable to learn a simple phrase like ” thank you, please, I’m sorry “in their language so you don’t feel like a total stranger.


  1. Make Photocopies of Important Documents

To avoid any unnecessary drama especially at the airport, kindly make photocopies of your passport, tickets and all you need.


  1. Pre-plan your outfits

Check out for your underwears, don’t be a last-minute packer. Avoid any regrets by carrying extra swimsuits if you are going on a beach vacation, toothbrush, lotions, eyewear and all you need. It saves you from buying the thing you already have.


  1. Have some extra Money 

We always want to buy a souvenir when we travel to new places. Make sure you have enough money to buy them for yourself, friends and families.

  1. Book Early for Cheap Flights

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