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Important Questions To ask Before Saying “I DO” to Your “BOO”


The purpose of courtship is to understand your spouse -to- be. Ask relevant questions and study patterns.

I strongly believe that marriages should be enjoyed not endured. This does not happen by magic but it requires hard work and a high level of intelligence.

Love is a beautiful thing, so is marriage but some people get it wrong from the foundation when important questions are ignored, a few months after the marriage they realise that they have made the wrong choice.

No one is perfect they say, ask yourself if you can handle their weaknesses and live with it forever. Courtship is not only for romantic dates or exploring sexual styles, but it is also to interview, communicate, deal with issues you want to live with for the rest of your life.


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Check out the important questions to ask;

1. ASK ABOUT GENOTYPE: Know the genetic compatibility of your spouse before heading to tie the knot, this will save you from having unhealthy babies. For instance, AS and AS will definitely have SS and I’m sure you don’t want to have sickler.

2. TALK ABOUT  FAMILY BACKGROUND: To a large extent knowing the family background of your soon to be husband or wife, this can help you identify triggers, traumas or issues your partner may be going through.

3. INTELLIGENCE LEVEL OF THE PERSON YOU ARE ABOUT TO MARRY: Marriage is about making decisions.

You want to marry a person who can think and come up with brilliant solutions and ideas.

4. VIEWS ABOUT SUBMISSION TO THE MAN: In our era of feminism, please know her views about submission and reach an agreement before proceeding to the altar.

5.  EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: In marriage, there will be outbursts of emotion but it takes an emotionally intelligent individual to manage their emotions.

6. NUMBER OF CHILDREN TO HAVE  AFTER MARRIAGE, FAMILY PLANNING AND SIDE EFFECTS; Incase of fertility issues would you consider modern-day technology like IVF?  What if the family planning fails, is abortion an option?

7. MENTAL, SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL VIEWS OF LIFE: If you both have life opposing views, it better to address it because the views might re-surface and cause a big problem in the future.

8.FINANCIAL  DEPENDENCY:  Splitting bills or only the man will take all the responsibility.

9. LOVE LANGUAGES: Study and know each other’s love language so that efforts will be appreciated.

10. THE WORSE THING THAT CAN LEAD TO A DIVORCE: As far as we don’t like to talk about negative things, it is good to ask your spouse to -be what can lead to them divorcing you and avoid it.

12. SECRET CHILD BEFORE MARRIAGE: Life happens and we all make mistakes. Be open and transparent about your child and the relationship with their mom or dad.


When there is no money will the person be there???


Disclaimer: I am not a marriage counsellor,  just chose to do my research in other to help myself and others make a better decision before saying “I DO”

Have more questions that weren’t mentioned, feel free to post on comment session. I  am happy to learn from you.


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