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How to Deal With Destructive Criticisms About Your Weight


If you are a slim lady and you constantly feel the need to add more flesh because you are being mocked  by friends, family members  and random people you meet in your daily life. You are not alone in this, we are together ( Big grin).

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Body shaming is becoming a societal problem, where people throw shades at you for your weight and make you feel inferior because your are fat or slim.

In my own case,I am slim and I really love being slim, as a matter of fact, I  admire beautiful  slim ladies like myself . Although I  have faced criticisms about my weight from well meaning friends and relatives, some will say; ” Ada, you are not eating well, see your bones are showing, your eyes have gone inside, your jeans are not longer fit, Must your always slim fit your dress? and the list is endless.

Psychologically these comments are unhealthy because it tends to create an inferiority complex on us as slim ladies. Sometimes I wonder why I am from this part of the world where your well being is judged based on your physical appearance, there a stereotype about  slim ladies being unhealthy and hungry. (rolling eyes)

What about dating and relationship, according to research, most Nigerian men prefer their women with a bit of flesh, making their outfit looks very sexy on them. like big boobs and ass( pardon my language ) just trying to be say it as it is here. I have been in a relationship where the guy told me, babe my friends are making jest of me because you are slim, they are asking what I saw in you? that’s of course a  story for another day.

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Being a slim lady popularly called “lepa ” in Nigerian setting,  is something that you have to psychologically, emotionally and mentally deal with else you might end up with low self-esteem or probably take drastic measures , like drinking pills which can be in the long run be very consequential.

I have some tips to share to every slim lady who is body shamed and called all sort of names. These are ways I have successfully  overcome the destructive criticisms, boost my self esteem and love the body God has blessed me with on a daily basis.

  1. YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND  WONDERFULLY MADE: Sounds like a cliché already but I challenge you to take a look at yourself at the mirror and see how beautiful you look, I emphasis that you stand in front of a full mirror, look at yourself from head to toe. You are made by the perfect GOD, meaning you are perfect.Nothing more, nothing less. Appreciate your body.
  2. ALWAYS MAINTAIN AN  ACT OF GRATITUDE : If you are grateful for your life and the body that God has blessed you with, you wont be feeling bad about your weight. Imagine the people at the hospital struggle for breathe, who cares about their weight? also the corpse in the morgue,nobody cares about their weight.  while you are alive, live your best life.
  3. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY HABIT:  Being slim doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unhealthy except for certain medical conditions, if you are medically fit. then you need to worry less about your weight. eat healthy meals. I am a picky eater, I also don’t eat too much so I eat a lot of fruit in between my meals. it is a deliberate effort for me to always buy fruits, especially apples and pineapples. when i’m not eating food, i’m eating fruits.
  4. WEAR CLOTHES THAT FIT YOU. As a fashion designer, I have a sewing machine in my room which I use to amend my clothes to fit . I  mostly don’t  find my perfect size in the market so if im not sewing my clothes  to fit my body, i’m amending the clothes I bought. I advice every slim girl to befriend a tailor and theres nothing wrong with adjusting your clothes. Slay every outfit queen!
  5. HAVE A GOOD AND POLITE RESPONSE FOR ANYONE CRITICIZING YOUR WEIGHT: A “thank you, I love being slim. works for me. Period!
  6. YOUR MAN WILL APPRECIATE YOU:  You must have heard someone somewhere at some point tell you that no man will appreciate you because you are slim.That’s a big lie!!!  why do I want a man that is after my physical features in the first place without knowing my worth. The right man for you, will appreciate you, regardless of your weight,height, race or tribe. Reasonable men are looking for content not just a container.
  7. THE BODY CHANGES TOO: For most women after childbirth , their body transform.  so enjoy your flat tummy while it last. As for me I want to remain a model , hahahahaha.

On a final note, LOVE YOURSELF. The moment you start loving yourself, taking time to know yourself, value yourself then nobody can make your feel inferior.

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  1. Ukah Augustine says

    Wonderful literary piece….. More Grace ma

  2. Esther says

    Been slim is d best… Tanx ma’am

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