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Just as my Magazine  name Implies Adamas from the Greek word ” Diamond”  meaning  Unconquerable.

What does  Diamond and Women have in common?, A lot….

From the Life pressures we face, our beauty,  our unique body and different life stories that shaped us into the woman we are today. ” The Redefined Woman”

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So what does being a “Diamond” mean?

Let’s start with the Diamond-making process, where the main ingredients are time, pressure, and heat. For women who have ever followed a dream or a passion, regardless of how logical it may seem at the time to others, they know the pressure and heat taken on a daily basis for doing what they do–The constant questions, scrutiny, doubt, and unwarranted advice. However, they understand that fighting for what they believe in and taking the time to allow their dreams to come to fruition and sacrifices to pay off, is worth every bit of glare and gossip.

Diamonds are beautiful, rare, refined, and polished–from the inside, out. Women who possess this quality are few and far between; a rare breed. They hold themselves to a higher standard than those standards held by the world around them. They define what it means to be a true friend and genuinely good human being. When you find friends like these, you treasure them as you would a precious gem.

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Diamonds shine and sparkle, illuminating any room and lighting up any face. Diamonds are showstoppers, even if only for an audience of one. Women like this lead by example. They go out of their way to brighten someone else’s day. They inspire those around them to come alive in their presence.

Diamonds are valuable. Those who plan to acquire them understand and are willing to pay the price. Diamonds command respect and require to be treated with care. Such caliber of women  knows their self-worth and do not settle for less. However, they do not greedily ask for more. (Don’t EVER lose a Diamond while chasing Glitter, if you know what I mean)…

So, here I am, a self-proclaimed “Diamond in the Rough.” I don’t always have it all together and I’m still being polished under the heat and pressure for a little while longer, but everyday I’m getting there!

Keep shining, my Diamonds and remember: Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle!



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