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Don’t Find Purpose, Let Your Purpose Find You


Since I was a little girl, I have always heard about the word “purpose”, finding ones purpose and calling. Till date, I am still intrigued by the concept of purpose because it gives one a sense of direction and bearing towards life.

Purpose is the most phenomenal subject that cannot be overemphasized.
Purpose also makes life more meaningful and fulfilling. Millions of books have been written regarding purpose and thousands of messages have been spread all across the world about purpose.

In my quiet time, I was able to listen to late Dr Myles Munroe messages and read some of his book on this subject. The best thing that has happened to me so far, was the liberating facts I encountered.

Sharing these facts is also a great relief for me because I want to see people excelling in their area of calling and living their best lives . I came up with  few nuggets below:

1. To Live a purposeful life is to be intentional and find purpose in everything you do;

i. Read with purpose to appreciate somebody else’s perspective.
ii. Eat with the purpose to be healthy and active.

iii. Sleep with a purpose to dream.

iv. Wake up the next morning with a purpose to fulfil those dreams.

v. Interact with people with a purpose to build memories, know them better and see where you can fill a need in their lives.

Purpose is an all encompassing phenomenal, it’s why your heart yearns for music not medicine. It’s why you can write a great story but never solve a simple arithmetic.

Don’t find purpose,let purpose find you.. just keep doing whatever comes easy for you. Take up new challenges and skills, drop the ones you struggle with and embrace the ones you find interesting and appealing.

Take up skills that set your heart on fire, that leaves you with new inspirations everyday. We are all wired differently, don’t compare someone else’s gifts with yours.

If you are still finding purpose, I will stay stop right there and start doing the thing(s) you love, that comes naturally for you. Then purpose will find you.
Dare to live a purpose driven life.

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