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Don’t Stay Idle, Do Something Worthwhile- Here’s My Story


No matter what life throughs at you do not stay idle, do something worthwhile. My name is Adekunle Adedayo, stay with me as I share my story to encourage you.

one day, I sat down there thinking about my life about where I’d go from here. Little did I know that I inflicted more misery to my mind and emotions; with no one to turn to after being treated like an outcast by everyone I knew.

That’s me working as a bus conductor.

The cravings for no other thing except death consumed my mind. And then, all I knew that happened was that I found myself right at this junction. Doing what you can currently observe me doing.

I wasn’t in a Limo. And I definitely wasn’t wearing a Tuxedo. I was right there, selling sachet water.
At times, we don’t just need to do things because it’s the only option left. We need to do things in order to build our hope for tomorrow. There is no Message without a Mess. Surely, there is also no Glory without a Story. The light always proves it’s worth at the end of a tunnel. Nothing we are going through is to last forever. It’s all just temporary.


That’s me selling sachet-water on the street

Have you ever attempted asking several strugglers out there about how they got to the point at which they found themselves? Most of them never wished to be at that spot, doing what they are currently doing.

Notwithstanding, some of them still fix themselves up with smiles. This encourages them and makes them not to feel inferior. And that’s exactly what you should do too. Do not feel lowly of yourself. Just get started first. You aren’t any less to other people out there. You are way beyond that.
I’d admit that it wasn’t easy making this decision to do what you can see me doing right now.

I had taken lemons thrown at me to make lemonades out of them. Yes!!

I had opportunities to do what isn’t right and lawful. This even prompted another form of condemnation for me. But I did not consent.

I became a hairstylist.

I chose something different from the crowd. Nothing else gives me rest of mind than the fact that I am not desperate to be successful. I’ve got the peace of mind. It all took me the courage to do this. I had to see beyond my stand.

The hustle is real but is your hope-filled?

How do you fill your hopes?

Today I am a university graduate, a serial entrepreneur and I have my masters degree in view. I was not born with a silver spoon but I choose to believe in myself and work hard to achieve my dreams.

To everyone who is going through a tough time out there, I will say don’t give up, find something worthwhile to do, be proud of yourself and believe me, that phase will pass.



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