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5 Important Life Lessons I learnt From Social Media


Good Evening my amazing readers,

  Today, i want the share with you some life lessons i have learnt from social media for the past few days.

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA IS FULL OF LIES: I am going to be real with you,not everything you see on Facebook, Twitter, especially Instagram is real. It is very easy for anyone to stand in front of someone else’s car and claim it belongs to them. People do a lot of shits to keep up appearances, like my friends will call it “Borrow Pose”. My dear, don’t always believe what you see on social media. The person you are adoring might be in serious debt.

  2. DO NOT TAKE SOCIAL MEDIA PERSONAL: Why happily log into your social media accounts, only to leave there sad or depressed. You need to be in  charge of  your emotions. Guide what you feed your mind on. Never take anything personal. Always have this at the back of your mind.

  3. IT IS OKAY TO UNFOLLOW AND BLOCK ANYONE THAT IS A THREAT TO YOUR MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH: I personally have done that sometimes ago,for my own peace of mind. i unfollowed a friend who was making me feel we were in a competition. It okay that i don’t get to see their updates and that’s fine. Life is not a competition, you can do the same.

  4. YOU ARE NOT IN THIS WORLD TO PLEASE PEOPLE: Before you spend your life savings on the latest shoes and bag trying to impress your followers and gain new followers, remember that you are not in this world to impress people. If you don’t have money to be like the popular social media influencer, its okay. Be contented, with what you have. Slay in your own way and remember you are in your own lane.

  5.  LIVE YOUR LIFE:The earlier you start living your life, the better for you. You cannot be switching your lifestyle because of what celebrities say. It is okay, to have role models and mentors in the society but then again, are your mentors really worthy of emulations? Life is very unpredictable, your mentor is also unpredictable. You are the architect of your destiny, live your LIFE!.

If my lessons makes sense to you, i look forward to your comments.

Have a great evening!

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