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2020 A Year to Reflect, Re-invent and Embrace Change Amidst COVID 19


Change is a constant thing in life.  COVID 19 has brought a new change into our vision 2020. All through my life, I have learned to accept change whether I like it or not. During my teen years, it was a change in my body,  puberty, and all the stress that comes with it.  As I grow older, I experience change as a result of a new job or a new environment, relationship, etc. Change has always played a huge role in my life.

Today, it the change that COVID 19 has brought to all of us, unannounced. We are missing our old ways of living, social distancing is a new normal we have to no choice than to adapt. What about wearing a face mask? Many of us don’t find it comfortable but we really do not have a choice. (I HATE IT )

This is a global change and we do not have a choice than to adapt to the changes until we can completely overcome the coronavirus.

My sincere condolences to the people that lost their loved ones to COVID 19. I pray that you heal and receive divine fortitude to bear the loss. Instead of dwelling on the negatives that have happened so far, why don’t we embrace change in a positive light?

I came up with a few things we should reflect on and also change if need be;


Its time for deep reflection, think about the bad habits you need to change and replace them with good ones. Work on your unhealthy addictions; including phone and social media addiction.


You may have to think about the impact of relationships and build a stronger bond with friends and loved ones. The lockdown was a lesson, the relationships we built became our safe place.


Perhaps, its time to move your business online, if the nature of your business permits that. Maybe its high time you started to seek professional help or work from home instead of paying for an office space. You can save money and time ( office space and time commuting to the office and back home). You can also launch a new business, well you just have to try.


We have been warned before now that artificial intelligence is coming to take our job, it looks scarier than we imagined as a lot of people have lost their jobs and there is a slim chance of getting another one. Companies are beginning to micromanage their staffs and the economic recession is making matter worse. I think its high time we started to look at a career that will be in high demand in the next two or three decades.


Many of us survived the lockdown trying our hands on a new hobby or revisiting the old ones. Ultimately, it was worth exploring as it is psychologically and physically beneficial. Find something you enjoy engaging in and you create time for yourself and your health.


The news out there is so sad and unhealthy for consumers. After watching or reading the news there is a high risk of developing anxiety and depression. While fighting to contain a deadly disease we are protesting against, rape, police brutality, and all worth not. In the midst of this chaos, let us wake up every day saying our positive affirmations, confession of faith, and accept good vibes only.


Living one’s best life is quite different for every one of us especially at different stages of our lives. For some it is completing their degree, some is getting married to their sweetheart, some is watching their kids grow up and become successful, some may be to travel the world, stay fit and healthy. Whatever your dreams are, live them!


Health is wealth, COVID 19 has made us more health-conscious and especially more hygienic. Keeping our environment clean, washing our hands frequently. This should be adopted as a lifestyle not just the fear of COVID 19. We should also eat healthy meals to help us stay healthy and take care of our physical and mental health.

If you have any comment or contribution on this, you can share. I look forward to reading from you.

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