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10 Fantastic Business Ideas Women can Launch in 2019

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Thinking of business ideas for financial breakthrough?  been trying to get a job and all your efforts seems futile? then this is certainly an opportunity for you to transit from  being unemployed to self-employment.

Some will say, i don’t have the capital to start up a business, i’m trusting God for a helper of destiny, Whereas all they need is to begin,  start small and start where they are. 

After doing my research, I have put together some fantastic business ideas that can try  in 2019  with determination, consistency and God’s grace you will succeed. 

Below are the business ideas

Please leave makeup artistry, gele, fashion designing , hair and shoes , cream selling in 2019, that market is very much saturated, as a matter of fact, most of our female celebrities have strong influence in that business, think out of the box like i did in this research and create a nitch for yourself . 

1. PRODUCTS RESELLING: A couple of friends i know are into product marketing/reselling , you necessarily don’t need  to own a shop or anything as such. All you need is to have a social media presence and start selling.

The logic behind this business is for you to have a product you are interested in. Say for instance, ladies perfume oil, Your job is to walk up to a big shop around you that sells them  in wholesale prices ,get into an agreement with the shop owner that you want to resell their product online.

When you both agree take pictures of the stock, upload them on your social media account ,add your profit and promote. Viola You are self employed.

Your job is to ensure prompt delivery to your customers and sell quality. It could be wigs, perfume,fashion accessories,beddings, household utensils, name it. your options are endless. 


2. FREELANCING: If you have a skill that you are good at, freelancing will pay you off both online and offline, Families are living on freelancing jobs. Why not learn a skill or refine the skill you already have and make cool cash as a self- employ woman. The skills are unlimited so you need to be unlimited in your mindset. e. g, writing, graphics designing, website development. Yes, women can become technology savvy too. 


3.SELLING FOOD PRODUCTS : Nigeria is blessed with numerous agricultural product, You can do more research and begin a mini importation business to different states. In Benue state , there are foodstuff at cheaper rates . if you can find a way to  transport  them to a state like Lagos, You are a big woman after the business deal is done. Edo state is also known for great palm oil and plantain, food is a basic need, you can never go out of business when you cater for basic needs of life.  


4.TUTORING: If you have passion for teaching, there are a number of courses you can tutor on. Indicate on your what app status or Facebook timeline that you are into private teaching for kids or adult and you will start getting responses. Use social media to promote yourself. 


5. CRÈCHE OR DAY CARE CENTER: If you have space in your apartment, you can transform it into a creche, place  a banner outside your house,advertising your creche(most for stay at home moms). Research how much other crèche charges and make yours lesser. Before you know it you are already the most patronized Day care center in your vicinity. Get toys and as your business grows you will employ more people.


6.SELL COOK FOOD WITHIN A TERTIARY INSTITUTION OR OFFICE ENVIRONMENT: If you are a great cook,  open a canteen business or a mini food packaging business within a school environment like NOUN,YABATECH, ICAN CENTERS during exams my dear you are already counting your thousands everyday. Other schools that offer part time lectures during weekend can also be a good place to sell your delicious food if you cannot afford a shop . Office environment is also another business friendly place you can sell your delicious food.


7.HAIR HOME SERVICE : Not having enough capital to set up your salon is not enough excuse for you not to make money with your hair dressing skills. Re-brand Yourself and get a business card as a home service hair stylist. Spread the word on your social media pages and before you know it, you are getting jobs.

NOTE: Don’t forget post pictures of your work regularly on your social media handles.


8.  SELLING UK-USED CLOTHES/BAG/SHOES: You don’t need to have a shop before you do this business, all you need is a good marketing skills and ability to persuade your female friends to buy from you. ladies can never have enough  clothes, shoes and bags  especially when it is affordable and unique. so the more the merrier.

Make sure you chose trendy and very nice stuff ,You can take them to female university or polytechnic hostels around you, after church service and meetings. Be mindful of debtors. Determination and focus is key in this business


9.PACKAGED CRAYFISH BUSINESS: Go to the most popular food market around you and buy crayfish better still, if you can buy it from other states where it is cheaper, good for you. Pick your fresh crayfish neatly  package and seal them with your crayfish branded business name and supply to supermarkets around you. Your  business will boom.


10.  SELL MEN STUFF : The best target audience for women  are men’s product, some  men don’t have time to go shopping, so bringing your products to their doorsteps or offices gives you more chances to make good sales.  Make sure you sell quality, men love to buy quality stuff.


Bonus : CLEANING SERVICES : Lots of big houses  in estates, schools, hospitals, hotels are in need part-time or full-time  cleaners, you can start a cleaning  company and get people to work for . start by sharing flyers , spread the word, before you know it you will start receiving calls and business deals. 

Think Big in 2019.

The business might be slow initially but don’t give up , give it time,  trust the process and don’t be shy of your hustle, there is dignity in labor. 


If you find these business ideas very helpful, kindly indicate in the comment section below. 




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  2. Ajala bolaji says

    I’m Interested in selling food product but having a challenge in mobility cuz I will be conveying the food product from northern state.
    I will be glad to hear from you asap.

    1. Ada says

      I will write extensively about this after my research. kindly visit our website for more info.

  3. Pearlsammie says

    Thanks for sharing 10 biz idea.

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